Frida Schriver

Frida “Fridis” Schriver did her high school internship at Moomsteatern in the 2014 play “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Since 2015 she is a part of Moomsteaterns’ permanent ensemble. She had to take a break from the theatre in 2018-2019, but in 2020 she returns to Moomsteatern in the performances “The Erased” and “Det bor en prinsessa på månen, faktiskt!” (“There’s a princess living on the moon, actually!”.

Education/experience: Aesthetic programme at Valdemarsro special high school, actor at Teater Pix.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Miranda in “The Tempest”, Emma in “Mysteriet Kaspar”, The daughter of Indra in “A Dreamplay” and Jana in “Tårtan”.