Moomsteatern sorts out your holiday gifts!

Ho ho ho! The holiday gift of the year is an event ticket! Spöket på Cantershus is a fun-filled family show equally suitable for the 10 year old and grandma. We have several shows during the holidays, so why not gift friends and family tickets for the show? If you want us to wrap your tickets for you in a love package, we will happily do so free of charge.

This is what you do:

  1. Buy your tickets at
  2. Email and tell us what date you have bought tickets for, and how you would like the tickets split up, for example “1 gift with 2 tickets inside”. Also include your name and street address.
  3. Email your order before the 17th of December, so you can get the gifts before Christmas Eve! We will send the tickets wrapped in our themed boxes with a personal message from the ghost himself.

If you wish to buy a larger number of holiday tickets, for instance as a gift to your employees, just email us on and we will figure out the right solution for you!