To book tickets to our shows contact Kulturcentralen
Phone: (0046) 040 – 10 30 20
Online ticket reservations:

At the bottom of this page you will find links to our current productions with tickets available for purchase. 

Do you have any questions or want to book one of our school performances? Contact our producer.

Test audiences and dress rehearsals

Before the premiere of a production we try it out on a test audience, to see how it is received.
It is a rehearsal and everything is not yet finished, so it is possible that we break to restart a scene or fix something that has gone wrong.
It is free to be a test audience member but you need to book your slot.
If we are looking for a test audience currently, you will find these dates in the calendar.


Do you want to give a loved one the opportunity to come see us? Have you received a gift card and want to book a ticket for a performance?
Send us an email and we will sort you out!

Is this your first visit to Moomsteatern? Brilliant! Here are some answers to things you may be wondering about.

Find us

Our stage is located at Folkets Hus by Nobeltorget in Malmö. Bus number 5 stops at Nobeltorget. If you travel by taxi, it will stop by the main entrance. Find the address on Hitta hit.

Our productions

We create a variety of productions. Some are more directed toward children, others more toward adults, and many suit both. Some are filled with text and spoken language, others have no words at all. Some are classics, that other theatres have played before us, and some are brand new and written by us.
On the website you can read about what we have on currently, and in our archive you will find our previous productions.

Come see a performance

To ensure you get a seat you need to book your ticket in advance, before arriving at the theatre.
This is done through Kulturcentralen who sell tickets to many theatres and concert in Malmö.
Call them on +4640-10 30 20 and say you want to buy tickets to see us.
You can also make your own reservation on their website:

If you have not reserved a ticket in advance, we also have a ticket stall in our entrance hall. Here you can buy tickets for the performance, provided there are any left (which there usually is). The stall opens one hour before the start time and we accept cash or Swish as payment.

During a performance

We have numbered seats in the auditorium. On your ticket you can see your row and seat number.
It is important to arrive on time, so you can find your seat before the performance starts. You need to be at the theatre a minimum of 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance.
If you need to, you will be able to leave during the performance, for instance to go to the bathroom. Please do so quietly, as not to disturb anyone else.
The auditorium is dark, but there are lights on the floor along the aisles to guide you.
It is not allowed to take pictures, film or record sound during the performance. But you are welcome to take pictures before and after, for instance during curtain call. If you want pictures from the performance you can find some here on our website.
If you need any help or assistance during the performance, there will be an usher in the auditorium.