The Actors

Niclas Lendemar


The grand old gentleman of Moomsteatern. Niclas made his debut at Moomsteatern in 1996, in “Grisfarmen” (based on George Orwell's Animal farm). He has played the lead in many performances and in collaboration with Jan-Erik Sääf and Nina C Gyllensköld he made his own solo performance (“Jag Niclas”) in 2013.

Education/experience: Educated in a collaboration between Moomsteatern and Malmö Theatre Academy . Participated in “Studie i kärlek” at Teater Insite in 2017, and in a collaboration between Moomsteatern and Gothenburg City Theatre 2012.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Played the leading roles in “Speciells evangelium”, “Bortbytingen” and “Mysteriet Kaspar”. Billy in “Gökboet” and Sven in “Den enfaldige mördaren”.

Therese Kvist


Therese started her career at Moomsteatern as a student in Moomsteaterns temporary academy (2010 – 2012). She made her debut on stage in “Lilla Asmodeus” 2011. In 2016 and 2018 she travelled all around Skåne with her solo performance “Fix you”. She travelled together with the play´s scriptwriter Mikaela Jarvinger to meet high school students in a project concerning mental health.

Education/experience: Moomsteaterns academy, played the part of Sara in the movie “Fix you”.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Esmeralda in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Caliban in “The Tempest”, the Girl in “Veronica's room”, Kasjtanka in “Kasjtanka, en cirkusdröm” and Alice in “Wonderland”.

Dennis Mortensson


Dennis started his career at Moomsteatern as a student in Moomsteaterns temporary academy (2010 – 2012). He made his debut on stage in “Lilla Asmodeus” (2011). He was a vital part of the "Tårtan-project", where Moomsteatern collaborated with several theatre groups around Sweden.

Education/experience: Moomsteaterns academy, actor at Teater Pix, participated in “Studie i kärlek” at Teater Insite 2017.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Gringoire in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Ferdinand in “The trip to Melonia”, The Lawyer in “A dream play”, Doris in “MAKT” ("POWER") and Frasse in “Tårtan” ("The cake").

Frida Andersson


Frida started her career at Moomsteaterns temporary academy (2010 – 2012). She made her debut on stage in “Lilla Asmodeus” (2011) and after finishing the academy her first role was in "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" (2013).

Education/experience: Moomsteaterns academy, studied theatre at Vipan special high school.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Djali in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, Miranda in “The trip to Melonia” and Ariel in “The Tempest”.

Tryggve Algeus


Tryggves' first performance at Moomsteatern was in the 2013 production of “One flew over the cuckoo's nest”, when Moomsteatern borrowed some actors from Teater Teamus day care centre. In 2015 he returned to Moomsteatern to do an internship by participating in “The trip to Melonia”. In the fall of 2017 Tryggve was given the opportunity to get a long term practice at Moomsteatern and become a permanent part of our ensemble, and since January 2020 he is fully employed at Moomsteatern.

Education/experience: Actor at Teater Teamus, has participated in a project with Share Music & Performing Arts.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: William in “The trip to Melonia”, the pig Fedor in “Kasjtanka, en cirkusdröm”, inspector Blom in “Tårtan” and the hazel mouse in “Wonderland”.

Frida Schriver

Actress trainee

Frida “Fridis” Schriver did her high school internship at Moomsteatern in the 2014 play “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Since 2015 she is a part of Moomsteaterns' permanent ensemble. She had to take a break from the theatre in 2018-2019, but in 2020 she returns to Moomsteatern in the performances “The Erased” and “Det bor en prinsessa på månen, faktiskt!” ("There's a princess living on the moon, actually!".

Education/experience: Aesthetic programme at Valdemarsro special high school, actor at Teater Pix.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Miranda in “The Tempest”, Emma in “Mysteriet Kaspar”, The daughter of Indra in “A Dreamplay” and Jana in “Tårtan”.

Johanna Friberg

Actress trainee

Johanna was jolted into the work at Moomsteatern 2018 as a substitute in the show “Tårtan”. She has remained at the theatre in a long term internship, in order to gain proper experience and learn all the aspects of the profession.

Education/experience: Actor at Teater Pix.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Jana in “Tårtan”, Anna in “Den enfaldige mördaren” and the queen of hearts in “Wonderland”.