About Moomsteatern

Who are Moomsteatern

Moomsteatern is a professional inclusive theatre company in Malmö, Sweden. Actors with learning-disabilities are employed on a full-time basis, on stage most often integrated with non-disabled freelance actors. The sole aim of Moomsteatern is to produce performing arts of high artistic quality.

The theatre was established in 1987 and ever since the beginning the theatre had the expressed goal to work with artistic objectives, banning all therapeutic and social aims. This means that the focus group is always the audience, the story and the art. The theatre is a non-profit foundation, with 15 employees including artists, technical staff and administration. For each theatre production Moomsteatern collaborates with professional guest artists, musicians, directors, scenographers and costume designers. Moomsteatern does two or three theatre productions each year, and the target groups span from young children, to teenagers and adults. They reside at their own stage in Malmö and their main audience is in the South of Sweden (Skåne), but they also tour nationally and internationally.


Is Moomsteatern a day care facility?
No, Moomsteatern is a professional theatre.

Do the actors get a salary?
Everyone who is permanently employed at the theatre is paid in accordance to a collective agreement. This includes the actors in our permanent ensemble.

What disabilities do the actors have?
The actors in the permanent ensemble have different kinds of disabilities, for example Down syndrome, Aspergers syndrome, Noonans syndrome and ADHD. Not all of them have a stated diagnosis (and we believe that there is more important things to ponder about).

How do I get an employment at Moomsteatern?
Send your CV to us by email, tell us about yourself and what kind of job you are looking for. You will then be included in the selection the next time we look for a new employee. You will find our email and phone number under “Contact”.

Where do I buy tickets to your shows?
When we play in Malmö; at our ticket agent Kulturcentralen. You can reach them by phone at (0046) 040 – 10 30 20 or book at their homepage http://www.kulturcentralen.nu If available, you can buy tickets at the door.

Are there any dining posibilities?
During our evening and weekend performances we offer coffee and tea for sale. During the daytime, restaurant MAT is open and offers coffee, tea, soft drinks, cakes and food.

If I am delayed to a show, what do I do?
In order not to disturb the actors or the experience for the rest of the audience, it is important to arrive on time for the performance. Whether you can be admitted to enter late or not depends on the nature of the performance. Contact our ushers on site for information and assistance.

Why are you called Moomsteatern?
When the theatre started it was as a part of Malmö care activities “Malmö Omsorg”. The name is therefore an abbreviation of precisely Malmö Omsorg, and was at the start spelled with one O. When our first logotype was created an extra O was inserted, but the name is still pronounced with a short vowel, as if there were only one O.

The history of Moomsteatern

Moomsteatern was founded in 1987 by Kjell Stjernholm in cooperation with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan. The idea was to start a theatre group for people with learning disabilities, without any educational or therapeutic goals as the primary purpose. This was to be a theatre group with solely artistic goals, producing theatre for the audience and not for the participants.

In 1992 Moomsteatern became a day care centre in Malmö with a permanent full-time ensemble within the care system. At this time it was unusual for day care centres to work with theatre. 13 persons with learning-disabilities became full-time actors. However, they were still working under the same conditions as everyone else in the Swedish care system, with early retirement and an allowance of 26 SEK a day. A democratic organisation was built in which the actors were given the power to decide which projects to implement and the opportunity to choose a director if they so desired. Moomsteatern caught the attention of the newspapers, and after a couple of years the theatre was reviewed in the same way as the city´s established theatres.

In 2003 Moomsteatern staged “Speciells evangelium”, a musical where Jesus is reborn in modern times with Down syndrome. The performance was a huge success and had over 70 employees. There were 45 artists from 17 different nations on stage, and all of them had market-based salaries, except for the 13 actors with learning-disabilities that enabled the project. In a performance about equality.  Moomsteatern decided that this would not continue.

Here was the basis for new Moomsteatern. The actors with learning-disabilities who perform with full artistic quality should receive equal pay for equal work. Moomsteatern no longer contributes to the system of discrimination against people with disabilities. Five of the actors from the ensemble were selected and further educated at the Theatre Academy in Malmö. In 2005, they were hired according to the agreement of the Theatre Association, on the same terms as actors without disabilities. On stage they work integrated with experienced actors whiteout disabilities.

Accessibility for our audience

Wheelchair spaces: 8.

At each wheelchair space, there is room for a person without a wheelchair to sit alongside. Loose chairs are available to place next to the wheelchair spaces, allowing you to sit with your companions. Wheelchair spaces can be reserved by calling Kulturcentralen when booking your tickets.

We have four wheelchair spaces at the front of the auditorium, closest to the stage. If you have a larger wheelchair, such as a power chair, it’s advisable to reserve a spot in this area.

Additionally, we have four more wheelchair spaces towards the center of the auditorium, with a ramp for access. Our audience hosts are happy to assist you.

Toilet with wheelchair space: Yes.
here is an accessible toilet to the left in the foyer of the building.

Free from thresholds and steps: Yes.

Easy-to-read text in the program booklet: Yes.
Regardless of the type of performance we present, we always include an easy-to-read text in our program.

Free ticket for a companion: Yes.
Please contact Kulturcentralen or Moomsteatern when booking your ticket if you need to bring a companion. Malmönyckeln is, of course, valid at Moomsteatern. This means that if you have support through LSS, you can bring a support person to the theater at no extra cost.

Hearing loop: Yes.
The hearing loop, however, only functions during performances when the actors use microphones, known as ‘lavalier’ or ‘lapel’ microphones. Please contact Moomsteatern in advance if you wish to use the hearing loop so that we can provide information specific to the performance you plan to attend and prepare the technology accordingly.

Audio description or sign language interpretation: Usually possible to book in advance, if you plan well ahead.
To book an interpreter, we kindly ask that you contact us at least one week before your visit.

We want our theater to be accessible to everyone. If you have questions, feedback, or concerns about our ability to accommodate your specific needs, please feel free to contact us!

You can email us or call our producer at 0709 218 612.

Study visits, lectures, and workshops

We gladly welcome study visits when we have the time. A visit can involve observing rehearsals and meeting someone from our team. We are happy to share information about how the theater was established, our thoughts on culture and democracy, and what it’s like to work here today.
You can also schedule Moomsteatern for a lecture on how we work and think. Or book a workshop with our actors for your students, colleagues, or another group.

Email us with your inquiry!

To guest perform on our stage

Lecture, stage performance, or film screening? In our theater, you can sit comfortably and have a great view with excellent audio. Our stage is occupied for much of the year, but whenever possible, we offer the opportunity to rent our stage for guest performances.

Email us and let us know your needs, and we will provide you with a cost estimate.

Seating capacity in the theater salon: Maximum of 152
Stalls: 122
Balcony: 14
Wheelchair spaces: 8
Companion/companions at wheelchair spaces: 8

Stage dimensions:
Width: 9 meters
Depth: 11 meters (5 meters apron, 6 meters backstage)
Ceiling height: 4 meters

Technical specifications:
Grid system on the backstage.
Fixed grid over the apron and auditorium.
Cross-coupling system.
DMX to the tech booth.
63 A three-phase power socket.
Fixed PA (line array system) with a stage box of 30 channels to the tech booth.
Fire alarm shut-off capability for 2 hours.
Tech booth for two persons in the auditorium.
Loading doors at the back of the stage on the ground level: Width 3 meters, Height 4 meters.



1998 Kvällsposten’s Thalia Award to director Kjell Stjernholm for Den lilla människan

2004 Academy of Skåne Diploma

2007 The Knowledge Award, from Swedish National Encyclopedia

2009 Actor Pierre Björkman receive the UPP award from the Swedish Down Society

2016 The Intra award, from The Swedish National Association for People with Intellectual Disability

2016 Malmö City Arts award

2019 Michael Nyqvist Foundation Award

2020 Ernst and Ella Skoog’s Scholarship

2022 Kultur och Kvalitets scholarship

2022 Actor Niclas Lendemar is awarded the Cultural Prize of Region Skåne