Niclas Lendemar

The grand old gentleman of Moomsteatern. Niclas made his debut at Moomsteatern in 1996, in “Grisfarmen” (based on George Orwell’s Animal farm). He has played the lead in many performances and in collaboration with Jan-Erik Sääf and Nina C Gyllensköld he made his own solo performance (“Jag Niclas”) in 2013.

Education/experience: Educated in a collaboration between Moomsteatern and Malmö Theatre Academy . Participated in “Studie i kärlek” at Teater Insite in 2017, and in a collaboration between Moomsteatern and Gothenburg City Theatre 2012.

Selected characters at Moomsteatern: Played the leading roles in “Speciells evangelium”, “Bortbytingen” and “Mysteriet Kaspar”. Billy in “Gökboet” and Sven in “Den enfaldige mördaren”.