Peter Pan at Helsingborgs stadsteater (2022)

Helsingborg City Theater

21 Jan, 2022 - 19 Nov, 2022

All children grow up. All except one..

In the fall of 2022, Moomsteatern moved into Helsingborg City Theatre! There awaited a fairytale adventure for children, youth, and adults as Moomsteatern’s actors took part in this year’s grand and delightful family performance.


Wendy and her brothers are often alone at home when their parents are busy with other things. She thinks growing up seems boring, who wants a lot of everyday worries and responsibilities?

So one evening, Peter Pan and his fairy Tinker Bell appear in the siblings’ bedroom. He wants to take them to the land of Neverland, a place where you never grow up. Without hesitation, Wendy and her brothers join the journey to a world beyond the stars, a place free from the demands and admonitions of the adult world. There, they get to know lost children, meet mermaids, and experience magical adventures they could only dream of. But when they suddenly come face to face with Peter Pan’s archenemy, the infamous Captain Hook and his pirates, everything is put to the test.

“Peter Pan” became a touching and visually stunning family production about the importance of continuing to play throughout life. A tribute to the boundless imagination of humans and the power of fairy tales – an exciting adventure for both young and old.

The production was a collaboration between Moomsteatern and Helsingborg City Theatre. Kajsa Giertz directed the play, making ‘Peter Pan’ her farewell production in the role of artistic director at Helsingborg City Theatre. Jan-Erik Sääf from Moomsteatern composed the music, and four actors from Moomsteatern participated alongside six actors from Helsingborg City Theatre. The premiere took place with great success on November 19, 2022, and the show ran until January 21, 2023.

Information om föreställningen

  • Målgrupp: Children and adults
  • Längd: 2 hours, including paus
  • På scen: 19 nov, 2022 - 21 jan, 2023
  • Produktion: Helsingborg City Theatre in collaboration with Moomsteatern


Tryggve Algeus
Tobias Borvin
Therese Kvist
Niclas Lendemar
Dennis Mortensson
Elin Norin
Maria Påhls
Alaa Rashid
Birgitta Rydberg
Robert Rydberg


Adaptation: Emma Broström, freely inspired by a story by J.M. Barrie
Direction & choreography: Kajsa Giertz
Music: Jan-Erik Sääf
Set design, costume design & mask design: Helle Damgård
Lighting design: Mikael Sylwest
Photographer for performance images: Emmalisa Pauly
Producer: Dennis Claesson (Helsingborg City Theater) Ellen Brodin (Moomsteatern)


19 Nov, 2022 - 19:00
21 Jan, 2022 - 00:00