Under Fullmånen (Under the Full Moon)


– “Everyone who needs to come here, finds their way here.”

It is night. At Cissi’s Café, Ali is cleaning when suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Outside stands a mysterious creature bathed in moonlight. It’s Mona, who is here to come in and bake. Ali finds it strange, but it still feels natural and familiar. Like something he might have forgotten. Just like he has forgotten where he comes from.

– “I am not a stranger. You know me.”

Mona awaits visitors to the café, and at night they come, one by one. All those who cannot sleep. All those who grieve, ache, and sway. Those who need Mona. Without having sought out the café, they still end up there. Magnus, left alone with a dog he doesn’t want. Kristin, taking care of the children at home and the patients at work, but not herself. Åke, who will soon die but still doesn’t want to live. Linnea, who wants to live in darkness and imagination so no one can see how ugly she is.

In the spring of 2023, the audience was welcomed to Moomsteatern to experience a tale full of heart-wrenching reality and hopeful magic. Where raw reality met mysterious fantasy. A saga for adults. Rikard Lekander and Cecilia Milocco, along with Moomsteatern, transformed Lisa Förares’ book ‘Under Fullmånen’ into a visual masterpiece that played on all emotions and senses.

Information om föreställningen

  • Målgrupp: For ages 15 and up
  • Längd: 90 min
  • På scen: 1 april - 14 maj 2023


Tryggve Algeus
Anders Blentare
Niclas Lendemar
Frida Andersson
Göran Dyrssen
Nina Jemth
Julia Hansson
Therese Kvist
Johanna Friberg


Based on a book by Lisa Förare
Script & direction: Rikard Lekander & Cecilia Milocco
Music: Jan-Erik Sääf
Set & costume design: Helga Bumsch
Lighting design: Hans C Roupe
Sound design & show technician: Jonatan Bergsman
Stage managers & makeup: Malin Stegerling & Therese Hedelius
Rehearsal & performance coach: Louise Vainikainen
Makeup consultant: Agneta von Gegerfeldt
Production assistant: Frida Haase Andersson
Photographer for poster image & film teaser: Anders Ahlgren
Photographer for performance images/press photos: Bodil Johansson
Producer: Ellen Brodin