The Erased (2020)

Moomsteatern, Malmö

4 dec, 2021 - 4 dec, 2021

The story of The Erased unfold around a table. That everyday kitchen table known to us all, a colloquial meeting point in constant change and stagnation. Join us in a compound of burlesque theatre, circus art and visual magic, highlighted by music and an absurd sense of humour.

This is the story of a woman with a repressive family history leaving a heritage of inhibition, where fear and apprehension has been the driving forces. Where an inner voice has been created, saying you are unwanted and unloved. To piece by piece be erased. But this is also the story of faith, to dare to be reliant when all you have been fed with is betrayal. Because real strength is to be able to trust again, after all trust has been broken. Though almost stone frozen inside she carries an overpowering desire to be visible. Not to be the erased.

The Erased is a play independent of spoken language, told with visual magic, emotional music and a big chunk of liberating humour. The artistic collaboration between Jemth, Öhlund and Moomsteatern have proven to bring out all the strengths of Moomsteatern’s actors and create stage art that appeal to the emotions of the audience, much like music, poetry and dance.

Praktisk information

  • Målgrupp: 15 years
  • Längd: 80 minutes
  • På scen: The Erased is created for international touring


Johanna Friberg
Therese Kvist
Nina Jemth
Dennis Nilsson
Tryggve Algeus
Frida Andersson
Niclas Lendemar
Pelle Öhlund
Frida Schriver / Louise Vainikainen
Malin Stegerling / Therese Hedelius


Script, direction & stage design: Nina Jemth & Pelle Öhlund
Music: Jan-Erik Sääf
Light & stage design: Hans C Roupe
Costume design: Ulrika Arvidsson
Props: Annie Eliasson
Tailor: Carina Andersson
Sound design & theatre technician: Martin Kullberg
Stage managers & make up: Malin Stegerling & Therese Hedelius
Support staff: Louise Vainikainen
Producer: Erika Ehrnström
Photographer poster photo: Lars Dareberg
Photographer documentation/press photo: Bodil Johansson


4 dec, 2021 - 21:36
In 2022 there will be a new chance to see The Erased at Moomsteatern in Malmö.