In January 2021, Moomsteatern and the Disability Care & Support Council in the City of Malmö entered into an IOP agreement, an Idéburet Offentligt Partnerskap (Voluntary sector organisation public partnership). The core of this IOP is that the City of Malmö is initiating a new Activity centre with supported occupation within the LSS (Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain disabilities) framework, catering to seven participants with a focus on theater. This initiative has been named TeaterAkademin (the Theatre Academy). The Disability Support Council in Malmö has opened the facility in a new location geographically close to Moomsteatern, allowing participants to easily move between the two activities. The IOP agreement extends over three years. During the third year, the collaboration will be evaluated, and decisions will be made on whether both parties want to continue cooperating in this form.

Moomsteatern contributes to TeaterAkademin by providing both long-term and short-term planning and activities, in collaboration with the care and theater pedagogue employed by the Disability Support Council. This planning aims to create a fundamental understanding among participants of what the acting profession entails and provides individuals with the opportunity to develop their acting skills.

Establishing a clear structure for collaboration between Moomsteatern and the activity centre TeaterAkademin means that participants have the time they need to develop at their own pace, as the time required for such development varies greatly from individual to individual. An important aspect of the collaboration is to facilitate the recruitment of actors with Learning Disabilities & Autism (LD&A). During their time at TeaterAkademin, participants should have the opportunity to learn what they need to be able to work within the professional performing arts. The long-term goal is for both Moomsteatern and other theaters to turn to TeaterAkademin when seeking actors with LD&A.